Kenner's Kolache Bakery

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Baked fresh Daily! 2/3 Less sugar than doughnuts! No preservatives!

Kolaches with Toppings

Apple, Apricot, Bavarian Cream, Blueberry, Cherry, Cream Cheese, Lemon, Peach, Poppyseed, Raspberry, Strawberry, Strawberry Cream
(each)... $1.79
Dozen... $19.95

Meat Kolaches

Rodeo / All Beef, Mesquite Jalapeno, Sausage & Cheese, Bacon & Cheese
(each)... $1.79
Dozen... $19.95

Best Cinnamon Roll in Town

(each)... $3.49

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

w/ cream cheese icing
(each)... $2.49

Ham & Baby Swiss Cheese Rolls

(each)... $3.49

Danish Melt-A-Ways

buttery, flaky Danish pastry w/ pecans & streusel
(each)... $3.59

Big Dawg Kielbasa Kolache

on weekends, but available by order during week
(each)... $3.49

Dinner Rolls (Available by Special Order)

Place your order early for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dozen $4.95
Cinnamon Rolls Cream Cheese Kolache Fruit Kolaches